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Upcoming  Shows & Events

2023 Tour Dates & Performances:


Nov 25th: w/Psycho Therapy @ the Wayland  Thunder Bay On 

Nov 26th: NAN Hope Healing Circle

Nov 27th: SMSC Youth Circle & SMSC Healing Circle

Nov. 28th: Taking it Global (afternoon)

Nov 29th: Evening session w/ ENGAGED

Nov. 30th: Century College White Bear MN


Dec 1st: World AIDS Day Thunder Bay ON

Dec 2nd: w/Psycho Therapy, Cat Sabbath Branch 5 Legion

Dec 3rd: NAN Hope Healing Circle

Dec4th: SMSC Youth & Healing Circle

Dec5/6th: Thessalon 1st Nation

Dec 7th: Matawa Secondary School Xmas Party

Dec 8th: NAN Healing Gala

Dec 9th: Blue Chip Financial XMAS Party

Dec 10th: NAN Hope Healing Circle

Dec 11-13th: Men s Conference Ft Frances ON

Dec 14th: Tentatively Booked

Dec 15: Constance Lake

Dec 17th: NAN Hope Circle

Dec. 18th: SMSC Circle

Dec. 23rd: Merry Pindergennoski Comedy Thunder Bay

February 2024

Feb 5-8th Nokiiwin Conference

Feb 12-16th Fairbanks Alaska


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