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Thunder Bay  ON

Brand New Video 

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Live  Performance

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Thunder Bay  ON 

Show Testimonial


This year we brought in Ron Kanutski to be an entertainer, (comedian) a keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator,  Ron was awesome as a speaker, both entertaining and inspiring! When a windstorm knocked out the power, he simply informed us it wasn’t the first time he’d had the lights turned out on him, and he continued right along even though the amplified sound was gone. He lifted the mood in the place, and earned rave reviews from our attendees.

The two workshops he provided were also well attended and received, with only positive reviews.

We are discussing even as I type this how we should have this guy back, he was a fantastic addition to our weekend conference!  

MIKE PAQUETTE League of Foster Families

WANT TO SEE MORE? Get off the cell or computer & come to a show!!!!!


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