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Thunder Bay Comic Idol's Champ of Champions 

Crowned "Thunder Bay Comic Idol King of Comedy" 



Although not much for accolades, Ron Kanutski continues to take the independent comedy scene by storm. From his humble beginning in stand up comedy by accident in Summer Beaver 2009, shortly thereafter Thunder Bay Comic Idol Champ 2010 to capturing the Comic Idol King of Comedy in 2015.  As a past Social Worker & Addictions Counselor, he has made appearances on TVO, APTN & PBS to discuss social issues but has yet to make an appearance as an entertainer. "I am not worried," Ron says "If it is meant to be, my time will come."

Ron's comedy is flexible from clean to blue, pg to rated R and he is ready to perform bringing laughter to cities hamlets and remote 1st Nation communities and reservations throughout Canada & the USA. Ron prides himself for his sobriety for over two decades and believes if you can make it in your home town you can make it anywhere. "Your neighbors are your toughest critics." 

Filled with stories, impressions, props, skits & current issues, Ron is ready to deliver, so anything can happen. Buckle up because here he comes!

"Until we laugh together; me at you or you at me."

Ron Kanutski, Comedian   

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